Monday, March 9, 2009

Pick a Good Nutrition Book

You can't go more than 24 hours without reading or hearing about the latest nutrition tip. Whether its on the Internet, in a blog (ironic it is!), in the Newspaper, on the news or in a magazine, everyone has a recommendation on what to eat more of and what to eat less of. Like vitamins and supplements, not all nutrition books are created equal, so how do you pick one that's worthy of the $15 and trip to the bookstore? Check out the American Dietetic Association’s Good Nutrition Reading list. It identifies and describes nutrition books on a range of topics from general nutrition to food sensitivities, diabetes, sports nutrition, child and teen nutrition and more. You’ll also be directed to valuable newsletters and websites. ADA’s Good Nutrition Reading List

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Edible Nutrition said...

My personal favorite is What to Eat by Marion Nestle. She puts science into practical, consumer-friendly terms! Every RD should have a copy!