Thursday, April 16, 2009

Society's Expectations Based on Body Image?

By now many of you may have already seen the video clip attached below on you tube.

Every day I deal with clients who are constantly trying to improve their appearance, perform better athletically, and eat more nutritiously so that they live a long healthy life. Some are overweight while others have eating disorders. Each feels imperfect, in his or her own way, trying to gain control over some aspect of their life. This video reminds me how much of an emphasis society places on physical appearance. You noticed that the audience members, the judges and admittedly I smirk at this woman's appearance and demeanor. Each one of us has a preconceived notion regarding this woman's level of talent. Reality decided in this instance that Susan Boyle was not a book that should be judged by her cover. She also serves as a reminder to each of us to listen whole heartedly to individuals so we don't miss the special gifts they have to share

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