Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blah Winter Meals: Join a Coop & Add Local Spark!

Try your local coop this February by going to  Many have a free trial period so you have nothing to lose. What’s to be gained? Coops help you stay connected to your farmers all year long, yes even in the winter wonderland states! The fee to join is typically ¼ of a warehouse membership plus you get improved food quality, nutritionally dense, flavorful product that was grown in your backyard. Consider that the average meal travels 1500 miles to make it from field-to-plate. Joining a coop, adds green to your diet, green to your wallet and green back into your local farmlands! A few terms to consider are grass fed, free range, organic, pesticide free, and antibiotic free. Don’t let the lingo deter you, the website and volunteers can help you decipher products and make the best purchasing decisions for your wallet and family. If you want to add some fun and education to your experience, put your grocery cart together on line with your children. It’s guaranteed to be a teachable moment and they may be more apt to try new foods. The key to creating a sustainable food system is your participation.

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Anonymous said...
Good cartoon to support eating locally, grass fed!