Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It Might Be a Fad Diet If...

What day is it today?  Tuesday, January 19, 2010 is officially "Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks" Day, seriously!  Here are the top 10 indications that a diet isn't kosher.  It might be a fad diet if...

10. You can buy it on the television shopping network, in the back of a magazine or is advertised by a buff looking dude by the name of "Abs".
9. You have to exclude an entire food group or certain foods are "forbidden" due to their illustrious past.
8. The pads you put on your feet to remove toxins from your body work double duty and remove excess weight loss too!
7. The FDA pulled it from the shelves, only to have it reappear 3 months later as new and improved.
6. It requires you drink copious amounts of foreign liquids, only to expel copious amounts of unmentionables in the restroom all day long.
5. One little pill, liquid, cookie, bar, or supplement "does it all"! No change in eating or exercise required.
4. You can save 25% off by ordering NOW!
3. The celebrity promoting the product, appears on the cover of a magazine in the grocery store check out aisle 2 months later, bigger than ever.
2. It was manufactured in a lab by skinny, vegan scientists.
1. It is just plain and simple, TGTBT (Too Good To Be True)

For this years "Slim Chance" Awards go to: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-talk-0119-small-talk-20100118,0,7853792.story