Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Athlete Who Has Everything

The holidays are bearing down as I continue to search for the perfect gift for the athlete who has everything. Here are some of my favorite gifts from years gone by.

1. Ear buds that stay put while running on windy days. Meijers has a wrap behind the ear version that sells for < $20.

2. Ice Joggers cost anywhere from $20-80 and keep your feet firmly planted regardless of snow or ice.

3. Bondi Bands keep hair in place, ears warm and ear buds tight.

4. Books & Magazines: “Fuel for Young Athletes” by Ann Litt, “Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for New Runners” by Nancy Clark, “The Triathletes Training Bible” by Joel Friel & a Michigan Runner Subscription

5. “Runners World Training Journal” it comes with 150 tips on nutrition, hydration and exercise. Journaling has been proven to improve performance and enhance motivation.

6. Foam Rollers. Great for IT bands, shin splints, improving flexibility & range of motion.

7. A grab bag of latest gels, gu, beans & cubes. They are very portable for winter long runs and it’s a good time to experiment with new products.

8. Hydration belt, bottle or pack to keep your energy and fluids high. is a good resource for BPA free Sigg water bottles

9. Running watch, heart rate monitor or GPS or a 3 in 1 depending on your budget.

10. Geer bag. These can be filled with any of the above, sports wash, safety light, glide, socks, shower wipes, reflectors, gift certificates to sporting good stores or prepaid entry fees to favorite races.

If you have other favorites, send them my way on facebook at E2 dietitian, see discussion thread. Happy holidays & keep running.

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